Servicing and Maintenance

What the Law Requires


The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires that Fire Fighting apparatus including fire extinguishers receive regular testing and servicing.

Further detail is provided by British Standard 5306 Part 3; 2015, and generally, business owners should ensure that their extinguishers are checked by suitably competent engineers annually.

So what's a 'competent engineer'?

Well one who has qualified to BAFE (or similar) standards.

All Unicorn Extinguisher Technicians are fully qualified.


Unicorn Extinguishers  offers two service options;

Unicorn 365

Often businesses prefer to own their extinguishers, in which case, we can supply, inspect and service your equipment for extremely competitive costs.

In either case, our fees include free staff tutorials to help you comply with your legal requirements for staff training.


The choice is yours and to help you chose, the table opposite shows the services you get.


Unicorn Rental


We can also rent you the extinguishers needed for your property. This is often suitable for temporary requirements such as short term shop leases and public events etc,

Rental extinguishers fees are fully inclusive  and cover all maintenance and replacement parts.


Short Term Extinguisher Hire


But if you only want to hire them for a short period, for example a public event, then why not visit of Extinguisher Rental page?

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